Edgar Martins






















The Wayward Line

Landscape, place, space, and architecture have established themselves as the predominant themes in Edgar Martins’ photographic imagery. Martins uses photography to develop a  philosophical, quasi-scientific investigation, examining various minimalist concepts of the contemporary urban landscape.  ‘The Wayward Line’ is Martins’ first individual show in France and his largest exhibition to date. Images from seven series have been selected, all of which were produced over the last four years, including an unpublished body of work created in 2010: A Metaphysical Survey of British Dwellings (2010), Reluctant Monoliths (2009), The Rate of Convergence of Two Opposing System Trajectories (2008/09), When Light Casts no Shadow (2008), This is Not a House (2008), Dwarf Exoplanets & Other Sophisms (2007) and The Accidental Theorist (2006/08).


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