Albert “Kid” Mertz




























Albert “Kid” Mertz (1905-1988), a one-time prize fighter and autoworker, used his off-beat creations to decorate his humble home and tempt passing tourists to visit his remote property.  His unique painted constructions covered with backwoods philosophy often took cues from his visitors (“IYAMWHATIYAM”) and the children who begged their parents to be taken home (“IWANNAGOHOME”). Today his images and signs remain emblematic reminders of a not too distant past, one geographically out of the mainstream and fast disappearing along with much of rural American life. Co-curated by Intuit Board Members Susann Craig and Marjorie Freed, this exhibit is the most comprehensive to date of his body of work.


2 thoughts on “Albert “Kid” Mertz

  1. This is my great grandfather. My dad inherited his property and i grew up here. Weve found railroad tieshe has pained and other misc. Things.

  2. Albert Kid Mertz’s earlier works would be “signed” Owls Rest. Later works Owls Roost and any signed Al’s Roost were some of his last creations. His “Cabin” in the woods still exists and is lived in by family members.

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