American Folk Art

Edgar Tolson (American, 1904–1984). Birth of Cain, From the Fall of Man Series, 1969.




American . Dotted Root Snake, ca. 1890.




American . Teddy Roosevelt the Roughrider, ca. 1910.




Rev. Nazarenus Graziani American, active 19th century. Church of the Assumption (The Pink Cathedral), 1885.




Morris Hirshfield (American, 1872–1946). Dog and Pups, 1944



Bruno Podlinsek American, active 20th century. The Greeter, ca. 1982.




Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Bone Chairs, circa. late 1960s





Clarence and Grace Woolsey, Bottlecap Figure, 1970





Calvin Black, Ruby Black, Michael David Hall, Possum Trop Midget Doll Theatre, c. 1950-1972





Vesti Davis, Nathan’s Coney Island, 1971



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