Undressed: The Fashion of Privacy

Edgar Degas. Woman at Her Toilette, 1900/05



Edvard Munch. Man Bathing, 1899



Mary Cassatt. Mother and Child, c. 1900



Félix Edouard Vallotton. Laziness, 1896



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Published by Gustave Pellet. Woman Fastening a Corset, Passing Conquest, plate nine from Elles, 1896.



Eugène Delacroix, Standing Academic Male Nude, 1816



Paul Emile Detouche,Standing Male Nude, n.d.




Edgar Degas,Nude Woman Standing, Drying Herself, 1891–92



Käthe Kollwitz,Raped, c. 1908



Otto Dix, Murder, plate two from Death and Resurrection, 1922



Mary Cassatt, Nude Child, 1890-1891



Mary Cassatt, Woman Bathing, 1890-91



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