Robert Mann Gallery

Paulette Tavormina, Figs and Morning Glories, after G.G., 2010




Paulette Tavormina, Artichokes, after J.V.H., 2008




Paulette Tavromina, Lemons and Pomegranates, after J.V.H., 2010




Jennifer Williams, Doors #1, 2012




Jennifer Williams, Portals, 2012




Jennifer Williams, [flo #7] Cooper Union to the Cooper Square Hotel, 2011




Michael Kenna, Lijiang River, Study 4, Guilin, China, 2006




Michael Kenna, Pier and Nakashima Islands, Toya Lake, Japan, 2002




Michael Kenna, Hilltop Trees, Study 3, Teshikaga, Hokkaido, Japan, 2004




Richard Finkelstein, Lonesome Hero 2, 2013




Richard Finkelstein, Lonesome Hero 1, 2013

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