Of Walking

Jim Campbell, Fundamental Interval Commuters, 2010


Jim Campbell, Motion and Rest 2, 2002




Hamish Fulton, Kailash Kora. Tibet, 2007



Sohei Nishino, Diorama Map London, 2010



Garry Winogrand, Untitled, from the “Women are Beautiful” portfolio, printed 1981



The exhibition Of Walking  presents works by artists that explore the ordinary act of walking and the combined activities of thinking and discovering while walking–a confluence made concrete via the camera’s lens and other means. Each of the artists probes the notion of place as they (sometimes with collaborators) experience and construct it through ambulation. Their works also explore the difference between a journey on foot and other sorts of travel, as they reveal the curiosities and joys of observation that can happen both far from home and just out the front door. In the process, they invite us to consider the unique opportunities walking engenders, including its ability to incite memories, plans, and images.


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