Curtis Mann




Gray Scale, 2013, cut and altered photographic print



failed piece

failed piece, 2013, Cut photographic prints (diptych)



wood scrap (walnut)

wood scrap (walnut), 2013, Cut photographic print



Blanket on Asphalt

Blanket on Asphalt

Blanket on Asphalt, 2013, Cut photographic print



arrangement 3

arrangement 3

arrangement 3, 2013, Cut photographic print



Curtis Mann : A Matter of Structure and Utility

The exhibition marks the introduction of a new body of work that continues Mann’s exploration with the physicality of photography. Walnut wood scraps, a blue T-Square and packing blankets are some of the objects documented in the photographs that serve as foundations for this new work, essentially abstracted still-lifes of an artist’s studio. These compositions of color and texture are further manipulated by a series of precise slices made on the reverse side of the photograph. The slits are then folded out revealing the imagery through various small windows as well as showcasing the paper that is a fundamental material component of the photograph itself. The result is a balanced conversation between the strengths of photography as a tool of documentation as well its technical and physical characteristics that can transcend the medium into, and reinforce, conversations of dimensionality and space.


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