Visual Vertigo

Walu, 2008, Tommy Mitchell


(Mouse) Dreaming, 1996, Mick Narmarari Tjapaltjarri


Eileen Yarijta Stevens, 2008, Piltati Tjukurrpa

aboriginal-australian-art 07

Leaves, 2002, Gloria Tamerr Petyarre


Anooralya (Wild Yam Dreaming), 1995, Emily Kame Kngwarreye


Indigenous artists from the center of the Australian continent unleashed a wave of art production in the 1970s that has been described as a renaissance of the world’s oldest living cultures. A few masters of this unusual chapter of art history are assembled here. Each is known to use exuberant colors and visual conventions that may induce vertigo or a sense of displacement from usual perspectives.

In the hands of such artists, paint is put to a unique test—challenging our perception of how much a line, dash, or dot can convey. Their efforts offer a dynamic view of unexpected subjects.



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