Open Sea

Marisa Darasavath, Untitled, Laos

open sea - marisa darasavath fishinf no2

Marisa Darasavath, Fishing No.2, Laos

open sea - yee i-lan

Yee I-Lan, Sulu Stories, Malaysia

open sea - shen shaomin

Shen Shaomin, Summit (detail), China

open sea - chan yoon chia

Chan Yoon Chia, Man with no country, Malaysia

open sea - louie_cordero_my we

Louie Cordero, My We, Philippines

open sea - nasirun

Nasirun, Bajaj Pasti Barlalu, Indonesia

Open Sea, Artists from Singapore & South East Asia

Open Sea is an exhibition exploring the contemporary art scene of South East Asia. With a major focus on Singapore—the veritable economic and cultural hub of the archipelago—Open Sea also showcases artists from countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Historically known for its sea routes, an alternative to the Silk Road, South East Asia has now opened up on a large scale to global trade, tourism and migration, to the extent that the specific cultures within this region have, for a long time, been shaped by a multitude of international influences and the forces of evolving modernity.

For the past three decades, this extraordinary ‘continent’—little known in Europe—has been increasingly receptive to contemporary art: installation and video art, photography, painting, drawing, etc. Over 2,000 m2 and two floors of the macLYON are dedicated to Open Sea, an exhibition that invites visitors to discover the works of over 30 artists from South East Asia.


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