Le Temps de l’audace et de l’engagement

The Kid, Do you believe in God?, 2013



Jonathan Loppin, Déracinés, 2016



les talons d'abraham

Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Les Talons d’Abraham, 2016



Noemie Vulpian, Untitled, 2014


the last gasoline

Johann Rivat, The Last Gasoline, 2008


isa barbier

Isa Barbier, Transfigurations



The Answer, Un film de Cédrick Eymenier, 2016



In the context of the 5th edition of De leur temps, the triennial exhibition of the ADIAF, the Institut d’art contemporain presents a new instance of collections of French contemporary art through a selection of artworks that have been acquired since 2012. Reflecting the vitality of French collectors when it comes to contemporary art, this event has the vocation of sharing the passion of these collectors, while showing the extent of their involvement with the art “of their time”.

Beyond the 157 artworks gathered here, the goal is to take things a step further. With twelve artworks created specifically for the occasion, the IAC, through its prospective dimension, allows a crystallisation of the relationship with the production of art. How to accompany the artist in the realisation of an original project connected to a centre for art? Here we have 12 sponsoring collectors who participate hand in hand with the IAC in the experience of creation.

A project such as Le Temps de l’audace et de l’engagement allows the initiation of an alternative dynamic, wherein each term of the advent of the artwork is reevaluated and in particular a vision, other than that of the market on one side and the institution on the other, is made possible. By inciting collectors to not choose an existing artwork but rather the promise of an artwork, the IAC initiates a triangular collaboration around the artist,  referring to a collective responsibility. Beyond the experience of the artwork, the whole of the interior of creation is here to be experienced together. What is valued is the period of prospection, the moment of the encounter, along with that of accompaniment, in opposition to the accelerated rhythm imposed by the market.
What if the time of audacity was, in a changing world, that of a shared commitment, to preserve the freedom of creation?


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