Bridget Riley

Rustle 2, 2015



Dilated centres, 1965



Burn, 1964



Over, 1966



Vespertino, 1988


Ach?an 1981 by Bridget Riley born 1931

Achaean, 1981



Bridget Riley | Paintings, 1963-2015

This focused display brings together a group of major paintings by Bridget Riley (b.1931) spanning over fifty years of the artist’s career to explore the dialogue between monochrome and colour in Riley’s practice. Throughout her career, Riley has created paintings that not only engage the eye, but which elicit physical sensations of flux, rhythm and energy. From the early to mid-1960s Riley worked exclusively in black and white, gaining critical attention internationally for her ‘Op Art’ paintings. In around 1967, Riley shifted her palette to grey and then to colour. For the succeeding decades, Riley has employed a rich array of pigments as she has continued her investigations into perception and sensation through several series of influential bodies of work. Over the past two years, monochromatic paintings have returned into her practice. However, rather than reviving ideas from the 1960s, these paintings function in a new way, progressing directly out of the artist’s preceding paintings in colour.


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